Your producer for high quality
oil level sight glasses
made from brass,
aluminum and
stainless steel

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Our products:
Brass - Oil sight glass
º Group A
     - screwed from front
Aluminium - Oil sight glass
º Group B
     - screwed from front
º Group BS
     - hexagon, flanged
INOX- Oil sight glass
º Group VA
     - screwed from front
Special manufacture
º Group E
     - according drawing
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Oil sight glasses
made from brass, aluminium and stainless steel are our world

Experience and knowledge - Requirement for today and tomorrow

Our company has a long tradition and operates now with succes on the market because we have been concentrating ourselves on the production of oil sight level glasses (also called oil sight glass, gauge glass, oil level eyes) for the last half century.

With oil level eyes you can check the oil level in different components of machines, without having to take them apart. Our method is quick, efficient and clean. With oil level sight glasses you can easily detect oil loss and avoid overheating in time.

Oil level sight glasses of MECANOSOL, S.L. are used in a wide range of applications like hydraulics, pneumatics, machine construction or drive systems and components, chemical engineering, lubrication technology:

Construction machines
Machine tools
and in lots ofother

MECANOSOL, S.L. - Your producer for oil level sight glasses


Here you find an video on Youtube.

3D-view - Oil sight glass

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